Improve Your On-Web page search engine marketing (With Video Advertising)

by    SEO   Friday, March 12th, 2021

Increase Your On Page SEO (With Video Marketing)

When most people think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they’re led to think about what we were all told in days gone by. That SEO is impacted by the words you have on your site. And that’s not all wrong.

BUT, there are other factors that signal to Google that your site is relevant – and one of those signals is “time spent on page.” The longer someone is on your page, the more relevant it appears to Google. So the trick is getting people to spend more time on your page.

Hmmmm…so how are you supposed to do that?

In this video, we talk about….video. And how when you use video marketing techniques on your site, you can not only provide valuable content to your customers, but give them what they crave more of these days – video.

0:00​ Introduction
0:50 How To Get Eyeballs On Your Website part 1
1:20 The Two SEO Metrics To Focus On
2:00 Video Helps On-Page SEO
3:00 SEO Comparison Metrics
3:58 The Impact of Video on Your SEO

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