Increase YouTube Views By Including Customized Thumbnails

by    SEO   Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Hello and welcome to today’s video on creating and uploading custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos. Many do not realize that creating a custom thumbnail is another great trick to get more views for your videos.

Yes – by taking the time to create and upload a custom thumbnail you are giving yourself a great advantage over your competitors. These thumbnails make your videos look good, they catch peoples attention and draw people to click on them and watch your videos.

Another great reason for uploading your own custom thumbnails is the fact that you can pick exactly what is displayed, rather than YouTube picking a point within the video that may not always be the most flattering post from you.

Do you realize the amount of places where this thumbnail will be seen?

Here is a list of just a few places where your YouTube video thumbnail will be seen

In your YouTube channel
Within the suggested videos area
In other peoples channel feeds
Inside YouTube search results
Inside Google search results
On cell phones
Within the video players end of video screen
Inside YouTube video playlists
On other people websites when your video is embedded
Inside Google+ Feed
Facebook Feed[/bullet_block]

That is a lot of places where your thumbnail is going to be seen.
Creating Your Custom Thumbnails