Increase YouTube Views: Eight Easy Tips To Turbo Cost your Video Site visitors

by    SEO   Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Boost YouTube Views: 8 Simple Tricks To Turbo Charge Your Video Traffic:
Boost YouTube Views

If you’ve prayed to the video marketing gods and your videos are still not getting more YouTube views than you expect, well… you’ve come to the right place!

In this video, James Wedmore shows you how to increase YouTube views for free by simply making 8 simple changes to your existing (and future) videos:

0:27 Tip #1-Add Keyword Rich Titles
0:46 Tip #2-Create a “James Wedmore Approved” Description
1:20 Tip #3 — Transcribe your videos
1:46 Tip #4 — Custom Thumbnail
2:15 — Tip #5 Add a Subscribe Annotation
2:40 Tip #6 — Create an External Link Annotation
3:18 Tip #7 InVideo Programming for a custom Watermark on ALL your videos
3:46 Tip #8 — Embed your video on your blog

This video teaching your how to optimize your videos and boost YouTube views could add new life to your business!

Ps…Be SURE to click through the video for tutorial videos on how to do each Tip for boosting YouTube traffic! (Hey, you didn’t think we were going to tell you WHAT to do without showing you HOW to do it…did you!)