Information to Enterprise Running a blog – Webinar

by    SEO   Friday, June 4th, 2021

Are you thinking about starting a blog for your business? Or, looking for ways to improve your current blogging strategy? During this webinar, you will learn the secrets of blogging success, including:

-How to create a simple and effective plan that saves you time and gets results.
-What you need to know about measuring success
-Essential Sections / Structure of the Blog
-Call-to-Action examples
-Tools and tips to help edit your blog – grammar, spelling, clarity & more.
-Types of media and the importance of a featured image
-Tools and tips for designing visuals
-How to optimize your post for SEO and user-experience
-Tips on how to promote your blog including backlinks & social media
-Ideas for methods of free and paid promotion.

0:00 – MBEC Introduction
1:03 – Agenda
2:48 – The Ultimate Guide to Blogging – Overview
4:22 – Create a Plan & tips to stay organized
11:13 – Write an Outline
11:44 – Research
19:07 – Write Blog
24:47 – Create Visuals
27:42 – Post Blog
31:19 – Promote Blog
35:35 – DEMO – WordPress Blog
50:30 – Example – Content Marketing Campaign for Blogging Services
52:36 – Closing slide with resource links
52:55 – Q&A

Handouts and Templates available here:

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