Inner Linking Scheme Paves the Manner for Backlinks

by    Backlinks Services   Saturday, December 28th, 2013

Internal Linking Scheme Paves the Way for Backlinks

A good backlink plan and an internal linking plan which interconnects the pages and posts of your website and blog can do wonders for improving your search engine ranking results. Here is something valuable and extremely simple about an internal linking plan that I have proven that is worth a mention.

Google defines crawling as navigating the web from page to page by following links.

That is the key, links

In a nutshell, if you establish a set of key word related hyper links within the text of each post that interconnects each of your blog posts — crawlers will then have links they can follow to find all of your content.

With no interconnecting links between your pages and/or posts, each post is more or less independent of the others. If a crawler finds your post but doesn’t see a link as to where it’s best to go next, it probably will not go where you want it to.

After you implement an interconnecting linking plan, you will actually “open up the gates” so that crawlers find the paths that you want them to navigate through your blog, and the crawlers will go into places where they otherwise never would have ever before been.

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