Is Wix Good For search engine optimisation? - Full search engine optimisation Overview

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Is Wix Good For search engine optimisation? – Full search engine optimisation Overview

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Is Wix Good for SEO?
In this video, I review Wix’s SEO capabilities.
Sign up for a free Wix account by clicking this link:

A platform that is capable of ranking on Google is one of the deciding factors when choosing your website builder.

Your site might look stunning but without nobody finding it, it’s useless…

Wix had a very bad reputation because it was lacking in the SEO department, I mean, it was bad…

But things have changed and today it’s no longer the case.

They have made a huge improvement over the years and have integrated some pretty advanced SEO tools on the platform.

Now Wix rivals most of the other website builders in the SEO department.

One of them, for example, is the mobile editor on Wix which is a super important factor for ranking on Google and Google has said it explicitly in this announcement:

If you’ve watched the video and are thinking about upgrading to a premium account then make sure you watch this video first:

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