learn how to allow gzip compression with out plugin and enhance google web page velocity rating 26 to 57.

by    SEO   Friday, April 17th, 2020

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Hey Guys,

In this Video I’m going to explain you how to enable gzip compression without plugin and how I increased google page speed score 26 to 57.

Topics I covered:
01:13 : How to identify server type is Apache
03:21 : How to identify server type is NGINX
04:17 : How to confirm gzip is enabled or not in a website
07:03 : How to enable the gzip compression using .htaccess or without wordpress plugin
10:01 : Understanding of gzip effect – how HTML, CSS and JS has been compression and become 1/4th from actual size. And how we we saved our 2 more seconds.

Apache Vs NGINX – Market share, performance, flexibility, security, support and Documentation

What is Gzip Compression? and how Gzip helps to increase 7% more conversion and page speed?

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