Learn the Secrets to Consistently Beating Slot Machines from Me! You'll Never Lose Money in a Casino Again!

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Learn the Secrets to Consistently Beating Slot Machines from Me! You’ll Never Lose Money in a Casino Again!


I’ve written this piece for the everyday individual who enjoys visiting casinos but has no idea what to do once they get there. Or, they’ve been there multiple times, and each time, they’ve come away broke and ill. Before putting money into a slot machine for the first time in a casino, visitors should familiarize themselves with the game’s basic rules. Then, tell around the gaming floor and observe the other patrons’ actions (and fortunes). What should you think about when it comes to slotxo?

To avoid losing money as soon as you sit down at a machine, you should constantly check the payoff screen first. I’ve seen folks put $20 into a nickel machine, expecting to play for a while, only to get four spins because the maximum bet was 90 nickels or $4.50 per spin. I’ve also seen folks put in one coin for a three-coin machine that only pays out two or three coins for a seven. When they rolled a 7, their one-coin gamble was lost.

You should perform the following after checking the screen to see what other players are winning and read the payment information.

First, stop acting like you have a few seconds to play. Don’t rush things; focus on the process as you accumulate wealth. If you’re lucky enough to win money in the first ten spins, you should keep going as long as your bankroll holds out. However, if you spin the reels ten times and come away with nothing (not even a bar), it’s time to move on to another machine. It’s not unheard of to play a slot machine for a hundred dollars and not win anything until the very last spin. And I don’t think you should risk losing $100 on the off chance that you might win. On the other hand, you must know that you can walk away from the day’s activities with some cash.

Second, if you’re lucky enough to win $200 or $300 within the first ten spins, don’t waste it all by playing repeatedly in the hopes of doubling or tripling your money. If you’re winning, keep playing for another 8–10 spins; if you aren’t’, cash out. Then, you can put another twenty dollars into the same machine or go to another device and begin again. If you cash out your winnings and put in another $20, the engine will often start paying again, but if you keep playing, you’ll eventually lose it all.

Finally, this is the most crucial piece of guidance I can give anyone hoping to take home a profit. Take and double your starting funds whenever you win that much. Then, the next time you’re at the casino, bring your original cash and play as if you’ve never been there before. You can make more money in one session than in a whole week on the job, and you’ll still go home ahead.

My friends and family urged me to write a book about my casino success, so I did. Over the past four years, I’ve played nearly every weekend. I have produced a book with detailed instructions to help you find the top-paying machines and learn how to play like a pro. I hope the preceding advice will get you off to a good start when playing slots.

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