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by    SEO   Thursday, June 25th, 2020

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Say hello to Lindsay Halsey, a Denver WordPress Pro. Along with her business partner for the last nine years, they grew their agency to work with hundreds of companies, in verticals like tourism, technology, nonprofits, and local businesses.

Here are her 5 SEO tips for anyone looking to grow their online presence on Google, Yahoo & Bing

Use WordPress SEO Plugins
They’re a set of tools to improve your website. It allows you to easily add SEO title and meta tags, open graph meta tags, XML sitemaps, image sitemaps, and more.

Be Purposeful in Your Content Choices
Make sure you optimize your content to be able to be seen by search engines because that’s how your pages are going to get found

Break up Your Content With Meaningful Headers
The purpose of keyword research is to find out what your customers are searching for online and then lead them from search results to your page. If you’re including them in your headers, your customers will find what they’re looking for much easier

Optimize Your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
To write the best page titles and meta descriptions, you must make them unique, make sure they’re not too short or long, use accurate keyword phrases for each page, not stuff keywords in, and write for people, not robots.

Invest in Link Building
Links (both from other websites as well as the links within your own site) are important to SEO because there is a direct correlation between the quality/quantity of links to your site and how much search traffic your site receives. For small businesses, more links = more search traffic = more customers.

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