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by    Backlinks Services   Monday, October 5th, 2020

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Option 1 – $30 (5 Days Delivery)
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Option 2 – Bulk Campaign Credits – Means you can order upfront and use them as needed.
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– 50 Campaign Credits – $20 each

There is a lot that goes into link building. Below we are going to explore some of those common questions to help point you in the right direction, whether you plan to hire an agency or do it yourself. Generally speaking, link building is the process of getting other websites to add a link pointing back to your website.
You can learn more about link building in our comprehensive guide: The Definitive Process-Driven Guide to Building Links in 2020. A backlink is the actual hypertext link on one page that points to another page. For example, if ABC.COM wrote a news story about your site and added a hyperlink within it, that would be a backlink.
A backlink count shows how many times you are mentioned in total. For example, if you were mentioned on three different pages of, you site would have 3 backlinks. A referring domain measures the number of unique domains that are linking to you. Using the example above, you would have 3 backlinks and 1 referring domain.
of link building, which puts emphasis on Authority, Relevancy, and Trust. These elements, mixed with content and outbound link screening can be used to properly vet link opportunities. You can read more about The A.R.T. of Link Building here: This is a hotly contested topic. Some people believe that any attempt to get other sites to link to your site can be considered “grey hat” link building, or something that goes against Google’s guidelines.
Which would indicate that link outreach done right is more than likely what Google is looking for and willing to reward. Here is the full video of that conversation: When it comes to link building, there are three main pillars. Research Strategy Outreach Researching your competitors, based upon your main services and keywords is the best place to get started.
The types of links your competitors are using can help to guide your strategy and decide upon which tactics are most effective in your particular niche. Taking the time to thoroughly understand what your competitors have done that is working and what isn’t working will help tremendously when it comes time to launch your link building campaign.
At Stellar SEO we offer blogger outreach, guest posting, and custom link outreach. The first two are sold on a cost per link model, making them a favorite among other agencies that are looking to bundle links in with their marketing plans. These services are also popular with companies that have an in-house marketing team but are looking to outsource their link building.
The cost of link building is going to vary tremendously from project to project. Our blogger outreach links can be purchased individually, with the cheapest link costing $167. In some cases, a local business may only need a couple of these per month to overtake the competition. On the other hand, our custom link outreach service typically starts at $5,000 per month but can exceed $50,000 per month on large, comprehensive enterprise level projects.