Low on Google Space for storing? Get tips about easy methods to enhance it! – PART 2

by    SEO   Saturday, February 27th, 2021

From June 1st 2021 Google will end unlimited free storage for Photos.
In addition, any new documents or edits to existing documents in the Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Sides etc) will also be added to your storage limit after June 1st 2021.

This Woggle Guide provides a quick and simple guide that explains how you can find out which Google products are eating up your storage space and how to remove or reduce them

๐Ÿ•” Moments
0:00 Intro
0:31 What changes are planned to Google Storage from June 1st 2021
1:18 How much Google Storage do you have remaining?
1:46 Find out what’s taking up space with Google Storage Manager
2:54 Find and remove emails with large attachments
4:35 Find and remove large files on Google Drive
6:55 Make sure photos are saved in the best way to save space
8:59 Convert stored documents to a Google supported format to save space

Links referenced in this video
๐Ÿ”Ž Check out how much storage you actually have left by logging into your Google account and visiting
๐Ÿ”Ž Once logged in to Google, your Google Drive can be found at
๐Ÿ”Ž Once logged in to Google, your Google Photos can be found at

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See more information from the Google Help Center on โ€˜Upcoming changes to how your Google storage worksโ€™

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