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by    Backlinks Services   Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

How in the world do I get backlinks? Learn two fool-proof methods to aquiring backlinks for your website. Also, learn the industry do’s and don’ts of backlink building.

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How do you acquire backlinks? This is a really common question that any small business owner has when they are trying to engage in search engine optimization. The way you go about properly and ethically acquiring backlinks is by producing valuable content that companies want to share and want to include on their website. The way we go about producing backlinks for our clients is by writing blog posts and pitching them to other companies to use on their site. Within those blog posts we include a backlink. You can do the same thing for your business on your own actually. If you have relationships with former customers, or industry people that you work with, you can write an article for them. It should not be promotional in nature, it should just be really helpful, relevant and engaging content. Try not to sell your products at all, this is really the best way to get a lot of backlinks for your business. Another tactic you could use is to find other websites that are linking to articles or other websites may not be accurate or they may be outdated. What you could do is actually rewrite what that company had wrote about and pitch it to that publisher and say “Hey, I have got a better version for you, would you consider linking to my site instead?” That is a very effective way to gain backlinks, if you want to learn more about backlinks, head over to and learn everything there is to know about SEO.