My 8-Step WordPress Weblog Publish Tutorial Optimization Guidelines for search engine optimization

by    SEO   Monday, October 21st, 2019

Are you search optimizing, or SEO’ing, your blog posts correctly in WordPress before you hit that Publish or Schedule button?

Pre-publish optimization in WordPress is SO important, I can’t even stress how much.

It’s almost a crime to spend all your time producing a wonderful piece of content around a focus keyword, just to let it get published without optimization in WordPress first.

In today’s video, sit down with me at my computer and watch as I show you EVERY step I take before I publish a blog in WordPress.

From how to switch to “text editor,” and format your subheaders properly, to knowing if you should use H4s or not, to “should I worry about the Yoast smiley face color?”, I answer it all!

If you follow each of the steps I share in this video, you’re much more likely to see results from your SEO content, especially if you publish regular blogs on WordPress, which is my personal favorite platform. I’ll even share an example with you of one of our content pieces, optimized following these exact steps, ranking at the top of Google for a major keyword in just 30 days!



Here’s my WordPress Blog Optimization 8-Step Checklist (start time of tutorial 2:32 )

1. Load the Blog: Edit, Proofread, Upload All Corresponding Images
2. Add & Proof-check Subheader Optimization for Readability and SEO
3. Check All Links to Open in New Windows
4. Include CTAs
5. Add Easy One-Click Social Shares
6. Add Meta Title and Description with Yoast
7. Upload SEO Alt-Text Feature Images in the Right Spots
8. Optimize Your Blog for Social Sharing with Yoast

9. The permalink (URL) for your blog should be your focus keyword. Keep it to five or less words!
10. Categorize your blog in one clear category. Avoid too many tags. 1-5 tags describing the topic, as long as they don’t duplicate the category, are fine.



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