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by    SEO   Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Rank Checker

A common question asked of SEO consultants is how does my keysite rank for my keywords. We generate monthly reports showing the performance of the keywords. In the early days clients often ask,can I have a weekly one. Sometimes clients ask for how do our competitors rank for these keywords.

Sometimes clienterent results on their search results than “reality”. This is becasue the Search Engines store your previous results and if you use one site a lot, it will rank that site higher (never lower) than its true level. To remove this problem you can:

Try these

1) delete all cookies
2) log out gmail or any google a/c
3) clear history
4) delete temp file

You may also try to go to the web history on Google search results page and click on “disable customizations based on search activity” and then go ahead to clear the cache.

If this still not address the problem use your library or daughters computer.

To address this we have produced this Add-on for Firefox that takes a few minutes to download and install.
• Installs on Firefox browser
• Always easily accessible
• Checks ranking on unlimited domains
• Checks ranking with unlimited keywords
• See which URL/page is ranking
• Checks ranking from Google, Yahoo and Bing
• Checks ranking from multiple countries
• Checks ranking from multiple languages
• Saves keywords for future checking
• Export results in CSV Download FREE Rank checker

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