Optimizing Your Web site Content material For Higher web optimization With Michelle Bourbonniere

by    SEO   Monday, September 14th, 2020

Ep. 055 – If you’re looking to get better SEO rankings, the best, quickest and most affordable place to start is to optimize your website content. To help us understand how to do this both practically and methodically, I’ve brought in me and my web design agency’s SEO Specialist Michelle Bourbonniere to shed some light on best SEO practices and how we optimize our website content for better SEO.

Best part is, you can utilize all these strategies for you AND your client sites and even turn everything you learned in this episode into recurring income services and packages for your web design business.

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In This Episode:

04:25 – Welcome Michelle
05:28 – You don’t have to be an expert
06:21 – Understanding Google
08:48 – Relevance and authority
11:10 – Google uses links to rank
12:33 – Google is a long game
18:07 – Links you want to get
20:08 – Organic growth is better
23:45 – Linking out to other sites
26:44 – Internal linking
30:55 – Specific keywords
35:06 – Google ranks pages not sites
41:41 – Content planning and organization
43:32 – Keyword research
46:01 – Tools for keyword research
54:33 – Things Google likes
59:58 – Resonate with people
1:02:43 – Snippet Bait
1:11:13 – Just write what you know

A quick reminder, if this all seems a little advanced, I cover the basics of SEO in episode 054 to help prep you for this one.

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