Ought to I Purchase Backlinks To Assist My Web site's search engine optimization?

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Ought to I Purchase Backlinks To Assist My Web site's search engine optimization?


Should you buy backlinks for your website’s SEO? Don’t do it, idiot, and here’s why.

My name’s Gil Gildner, and I’m the author of a handful of marketing books and the cofounder of a small technical marketing company called Discosloth. I’ve worked with companies like Volvo, MSF, Tyson, and others, and have traveled to over 45 countries. But mostly I just get mad at idiots.


Do I need to buy backlinks for SEO on my website?

Don’t do it, idiot.

Here’s why.

There are a lot of factors that go into making a website successful in organic rankings. But most of them are really hard.

The reason buying backlinks is so attractive is because it seems like something you can just throw money at and make your site successful.

It’s also the easiest way a bunch of scammy digital marketer types can include in their strategies, because it’s so simple in execution. Want better rankings? Buy a link!

Google’s smarter than that. I’ve done tests. Two years ago I decided to do a long term case study where I started a website from absolute scratch without creating a single backlink. Right now, this site is getting around 90,000 visitors a year.

It took two years of work, writing hundreds of articles, and constant technical SEO optimization, and along with way it garnered a lot of backlinks in and of itself.

That’s not a unique situation. I do this with dozens of websites.

Now, nobody is going to resist taking a backlink. I’m not saying they’re not valuable. But the kind that you buy is not the kind you want. If anything it’ll damage your website’s reputation.

This is why so many websites absolutely tank every time Google does a big algorithm update. They’ve done some shady stuff and it finally catches up with them. Maybe it worked for a year or two, but eventually it’s a bad decision.

So, should you buy a backlink to help your website’s SEO?

Don’t do it, idiot!