Ought to You Test the Index Fee of Your Backlinks?

by    Backlinks Services   Thursday, November 12th, 2015

During the Episode 54 of Hump Day Hangout (, one of the questions being asked is about the importance of indexing, particularly about FCS Networker and GSA backlinks indexing.

The exact question was:

“Hey guys… My question is regarding indexing and the importance of it. Over the years everything I have learnt in SEO has suggested that indexing is everything and if the links your building are not getting indexed they are worthless. The problem I am noticing mainly with my indexing rates is in getting FCS & GSA links indexed (which I am using to power up my IFTTT network) and also some of my IFTTT posts. I currently use backlink commando plugin, backlinks indexer and when I check the indexing rates using inspyder backlinks monitor and scrapebox I am noticing some very low indexing rates. I also use the google indexing tool but its simply not practical for large numbers of links

QUESTION: Do you guys actually check or even recommend checking the indexing rates of your backlinks and how important do you feel it is to get them indexed. I may have heard one of you say they will still pass link juice if they are not indexed but how much emphasis do you guys place on the monitoring and indexing rates? Would really like to know whether I am overthinking this whole indexing thing. Thank you all for providing such excellent training!”

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