Outdated Faculty Hyperlink Constructing w/ Julie Joyce & Garrett French

by    Backlinks Services   Thursday, May 16th, 2019

These esteemed guests joined us to talk about what we can expect from the future of link building.

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Link buying and broken link building. These are two “old school” tactics our guests Julie Joyce and Garrett French specialize in. But do they still work today? And if they do, when *don’t* they work?

Show Agenda & Timestamps
01:30 Does link buying still work?
06:25 How about local sponsorships for links? Do those work/could they be penalized?
13:50 What qualifying metrics do you use for link buying?
17:20 How can citable elements be used to generate sales page links?
25:30 How is broken link building working for you today/how do you do it?
32:15 Is there anything you’re doing different today than you did in the past?
35:00 What does the future of links look like to you?

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