PBN Backlinks Clear Blogs [Auction and Expired] Setup Personal Weblog Community

by    Backlinks Services   Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

What You’ll Learn about PBNs:

-Find Auction and Expired Domains
-Clean WayBackMachine ( History
-Clean Backlink Profile (
-Strong Original Metrics (Domain Age, DA, Trust Flow, etc) *non-issue once bots blocked* via Bot Nemesis
-Repurposed Original Intent/Content
-Theming blogs into categories based on continuous content
-Unique Whois, Privacy or Publicly Changed
-IFTT Web and Social Platforms, Reinvesting back into the PBN Blogs
-Content Creation (See other Video, how we have a 3 part advantage)
-SSL encryption

-Testing / Grace Period: 30 days of Certain content, followed by testing if a blog will increase, decrease or do nothing for rankings (random pages and keywords picked)
-Unique IPs
-Monitoring Uptime, post dates, index size, and if deindexed (remove immediately)

Our Advantage and Incentives:
Our costs are upfront. Our best ROI comes from longevity, not initial

Most freelancers are opposite. They need money now, upfront through churn and burn domains, blogs and websites.