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PBN Builder Assessment Bonuses – Greatest Bonuses for PBN Builder – Rank Your Movies and Websites On


PBN Builder Review Bonuses
PBN Builder Review Bonuses – Rank Your Videos and Sites On Page 1 of Google By Leveraging The POWER of PBN



PBN Builder
PBN Builder Review – Overview

Author: Joshua Zamora and Alex Hoskins

Product: PBN Builder

Launch Date: 2017-Aug-24

Launch Time: 11:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $47-$67

About the author of PBN Builder:

Joshua Zamora is a well-known product creator on JVZoo. He has launched a lot of products including Video Ranker 360, Profit Renegade, etc. With so many years of constantly working in the industry, he has gathered a huge amount of knowledge about Video Marketing, SEO, and more.

What the Video made for Joshua Zamora:

What is a Private Blog Network or PBN?

A private blog network (PBN ) is a set of domains that you or another individual owns. It is possible to have a PBN consisting of free blogs, like wordpress.com, tumbr.com, or livejournal.com. Typically, the free blog domains do not have as much power as self hosted blogs.

Do PBNs work?

If you’re wondering if PBNs work in 2017, here’s the short answer: Yes. But it’s not that simple… PBNs can also be confusing and slightly complicated to set up for a novice, or even an experienced internet marketer.

The thing is this: You have to build your PBN right. You have to safe about it or you’re going to get penalized by Google.

Why would someone create a PBN Or also known as Private Blog Networks?

A PBN is powerful because you control the content and you control the links within the domain. This means that you can create or alter the content so it relates specifically to your niche.

See, no matter what anyone tells you, leveraging private blog networks is STILL one of the most powerful ways to get yours AND your clients websites and videos to the first page of Google.

All those guys that talk about how much they’re dominating Google,…, It can almost guarantee they’re using a PBN.

What is PBN Builder?

PBN Builder is a brand new web-app that allows you to automatically build, manage and syndicate your content across your PBN’s for FAST page 1 Rankings for both their videos and niche sites.
PBN Syndication has been the #1 strategy for FAST, long-term rankings for SEO’s worldwide. However, they’re extremely time consuming and complicated to build manually for the average person…
…Until Today . We’re leveling the playing field and putting the power of PBN’s at the fingertips of EVERYONE, regardless of experience without all the hassle of having to do it manually.
Armed with PBN Builder anyone will be able to rank on page 1 of Google, FAST by leveraging the power of automatic PBN syndication.

With PBN Builder You Will Be Able To:

Quickly and easily syndicate your videos and/or niche sites across all their networks
Be able to get FAST page 1 rankings through the power of PBN backlinks
Be able to compete with the BIG SEO Marketers by leveraging PBN’s
Be able to post instantly or schedule posts for the future
And much much more!!
How does PNB Builder work?

The app works in three steps:

Step 1#: You just simply connect your PBN sites and your money sites.


Step 2#: You Load up your content and tell PBN Builder which of your money sites or videos you want to rank on page 1 of Google.


Step 3#: You Set up your posting schedule or have PBN Builder syndicate your links right away.PNB-Builder-lanzapodcast-9-conyeco.com-lucas-valera

Let’s Get One BIG Myth Out Of The Way…

But Before We Move Forward, Let’s Get One BIG Myth Out Of The Way…

You do NOT need a PBN that consists of 100+ sites to be effective… In fact, nowadays, even a 25 site or 10 site PBN is considered “BIG”.
Yup, you heard that right. You’d be surprised how much ranking power you can get from just a small 5 to 10 site PBN.
In fact, most SEO marketers are dominating the first page of Google with these “micro PBNs”.
Special Features of PBN Builder:

You don’t need any technical skills or previous knowledge. Not only is our software easy to use, but it comes with video tutorials, training manuals AND a full support team.
t’s EXTREMELY Easy to Use.
It’s a Low Cost way to get ranking FAST
2-minute PBN Site Setup. It Works EXTREMELY Fast – You can put the software to work TODAY and start syndicating your videos or niche sites to your PBN’s on complete AUTOPILOT.
100% Set And Forget. Requires VERY little time to manage – Once you get your account created, it only takes minutes to get a campaign up and running and working for you 24/7

100% Cloud-Based:
PBN Builder is cloud-based which means you can access it from ANY computer. It can work from ANYWHERE in the world. As long as you have an Internet connection our software