Poor eBay search engine optimization? 6 Distinctive Methods to Enhance eBay Visitors

by    SEO   Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

6 unique ideas about increasing your eBay traffic to your listings.

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We all want traffic on our eBay listings; but eBay is a competitive marketplace for its sole traders and multinational corporations, so it’s good to think outside of the box.

0:28 – Create Multiple Similar Listings
1:47 – List Internationally
3:02 – Improve Policies
3:48 – Add More Information
4:40 – Keyword Iterations
5:15 – Keywords in Variations

#1 – Creating Multiple Similar Listings
An effective way that satisfies mathematical logic. By creating multiple different listings, you can target a larger scope of keywords to find more prospects and turn them into paying customers. Think about it: 1 listing vs 10 listings – which will boost your eBay traffic to your store?

#2 – List Internationally
Don’t limit yourself to your domestic market; instead, open up the boarders and access the many more prospects overseas! Consider even registering foreign eBay accounts, listing on those sites and selling in a foreign currency to psychologically price your items to end in .99.

#3 – Improve Policies
eBay favours sellers that convert more prospects into paying customers. Remember – eBay wants to make as much money as possible, so why would they want to promote bad sellers that sell fewer items? Improve policies to increase your eBay traffic.

#4 – Add More Information
To ensure you’re getting traffic from as many keywords as possible, add item specifics; don’t leave them blank!

#5 – Keyword Iterations
Include multiple iterations of your primary keyword to tell eBay that your product is about what you purport it to be. But be careful – don’t spam your listings with excess keywords, otherwise this black hat eBay SEO strategy may backfire!

#6 – Keywords in Variations
This is a neat eBay SEO trick that many sellers do not know about. If you sell product variations, include keywords in the variation names, and you’ll be surprised how your listing will boost in the search results!

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