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by    SEO   Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Do you want to know the top 10 free SEO Tools that will help you Rank #1 on Google?😲
Are you tired of paying 1000s of dollars for SEO Tools?
Then this is the RIGHT video for you. 🔥

In this video, we’ve talked about the best SEO tools that will solve your SEO problems. ✅

These SEO tools are really simple to use and don’t cost a dime. 🤑

There are number of people who say “you need to build links”
and then most people say you need to do on-page SEO.etc 🤔

To do all of this, you need the right tools + knowledge to use these tools the CORRECT WAY!👊

Here are the tools that we discussed in the video 👇

1) Google Stack ( 1:14 ) ✅

The Google SEO Stack consists of 3 main important tools:

1) Google Analytics
2) Google Keyword Planner
3) Google Search Console

2) UberSuggest (4:00) ✅

3) RankMath SEO Plugin (4:34) ✅

4) Window Resizer (Chrome Plugin) 5:09 ✅

5) Google Trends (6:19) ✅

6) Google PageSpeed Insights (7:00) ✅

7) LinkMiner (8:09)

8) LSI Stack (8:36) ✅

The LSI stack includes tools like

9) AnswerThePublic (10:02) ✅

10) Keyworddit (11:20) ✅

Thanks for watching this video! ❤


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