Pure Leverage – Alexa Rating Replace

by    SEO   Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Pure Leverage – Alexa Traffic Rank Update.

Recently the announcement of the launch of the Pure Leverage marketing tools suite set off an internet buzz which has internet marketers, online business owners, bloggers, and webmasters clamoring aboard and securing their position within the Pure Leverage system.

Pure Leverage has not even launched yet (Pure Leverage scheduled launch is on March 4, 2013) and their Alexa global traffic ranking as of February 24, 2013 stands at 65,545 while the Pureleverage US ranking is currently 8,564 which is really remarkable due to the fact that Pure Leverage is still about eight days away from officially going live on the internet.

What is Alexa? Alexa is a California based subsidiary of Amazon, and Alexa compiles website traffic data on every website in the world. There are billions of websites globally, and Alexa ranks them all. The higher a websites Alexa ranking, the more traffic that website generates. For example, the number one website with the most traffic is Goolge, and the number two most visited website globally is Facebook.

Why is the Alexa ranking important for Pure Leverage? The Alexa traffic ranking of Pure Leverage is extremely important because it will extend credibility, authority within the search engines, and most importantly proof that the Pure Leverage website is generating a lot of web traffic.

Pure Leverage in my opinion will see it’s Alexa rank improve tremendously during the launch period, and should steadily increase their search engine authority because of the informative, relevant content which will be featured, and updated daily not only on the Pure Leverage website, but also the “authority blog” which Pure Leverage will provide to every member.

Now more than ever the Pure Leverage Alexa traffic ranking will increase dramatically, and search engine authority will explode due to PTO or “People and Traffic Optimization” which is quietly replacing SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” as the way websites, and blogs are ranked within the search engines.

Pure Leverage will highly benefit from People and Traffic Optimization since thousands of people globally are already talking about the Pure Leverage marketing system in blogs, websites, forums, social networking sites, and video hosting platforms.

Will Alexa’s traffic ranking of Pure Leverage change? Yes! the traffic ranking will be updated by Alexa periodically as Pure Leverage’s traffic, and popularity increase here in the United States, and globally throughout the world. The traffic stats measured by Alexa on Pure Leverage will come from sources and countries globally which will reflect percentages, and inbound/outbound links found within the Pure Leverage site.

Obtaining a high traffic rank on Alexa is not easy. It requires a site to load quickly, provide value, and a host of other important factors which determine the viability of that site when Alexa measures it’s overall traffic.

Pure Leverage should not have a problem ranking consistently high within Alexa because they own and operate their own hosting, and powerful web servers which will allow for more than the required bandwidth that will have their sites, blogs, videos, and content loading exceptionally fast.

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