Rank #1 – Grasp the Newest Google Replace Core Net Vitals [Page Experience]

by    SEO   Friday, July 10th, 2020

How fast does your website loads? Is your website eligible to take advantage of Latest Google Update – Core Web Vitals (Page Experience).


Watch our video and we will help you know how to rank on top Google SERP by taking advantage of the upcoming Page Experience Update.

0:00 Introduction to the Latest Google Update Core Web Vitals [Page Experience]
0:41 What is this latest google algorithm update
0:59 When will this latest google SEO update be implemented
1:24 Why we need this latest google search update
2:13 What is the meaning of latest google update 2020: Page Experience
3:13 Matrices Related to the latest google SEO algorithm update
3:39 What is Core Web Vitals: latest google SEO algorithm update
3:55 The first Core Web Vitals metrics: LCP in Page Experience
4:50 The Second Core Web Vitals metrics: FID in Page Experience
5:18 The Third Core Web Vitals metrics: FID in Page Experience
5:59 The key Considerations that you must know about google latest version update
6:55 How to Determine your websites Core Web Vitals Score as per google latest algorithm update 2020
7:30 Tools to determine Scores as per Core Web Vitals: The New Google Ranking Factors
8:50 The actual launch date of the latest Google Search Ranking Update
9:13 How to improve google site ranking by taking advantage of Core Web Vitals & Page Experience
10:58 How does google website ranking work after implementation of Core Web Vitals
11:27 Impact on AMP (which improves google user search experience) of Core Web Vitals

Page Experience is an upcoming Google update that focuses on how users perceive the experience of interacting with a webpage. It has given certain metrics based on which it will decide whether or not a webpage should get higher rankings in SERPs. The update hasn’t rolled out yet but Google has pre-announced its guidelines. It is expected to be rolled out in January 2021.

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So, let’s take advantage of this and prepare for the upcoming update well in advance.

This comprises of certain factors which will decide the quality of user experience your website offers.

What is Core Web Vitals and how it can help your website.
According to Google, Web Vitals comprise real-world, user-centric metrics that measure the user experience for a particular page.

The first metric it covers is:
Largest Contentful Paint or LCP measures the perceived page load speed.

The second metric it covers is:
First Input Delay or FID is a metric to measure page responsiveness.

The third metric it covers is:
Cumulative Layout Shift. The CLS measures the visual stability of a page and determines how stable the page’s layout is.

A few important things to consider with respect to the Core Web Vitals.

The First one:

All the above three metrics should be used in combination to achieve a good page experience. This means, let’s say, if the LCP of one of your pages is good enough, but if you have poor CLS and FID for the same page, it won’t aid in increasing the overall page experience of your website.

Secondly, Google announced the update as a PAGE experience and not a WEBSITE experience. So, chances are that Google will focus on a page-level basis for this algorithm. But this doesn’t mean that you start taking your website experience for granted.

Unlike the previous algorithms, Google hasn’t released the update without any prior notice. In fact, it has also promised to give 6 months of time to prepare for the upcoming algorithm. So, it’s like a golden chance for the website owners to work on their websites and win higher rankings in SERP.