Reasonably priced Competitor web optimization Backlink Evaluation

by    Backlinks Services   Sunday, July 27th, 2014

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• Give your business the competitive advantage.
• Discover your competitors’ SEO strategies.
• Steal their rankings!

Using special competitor analysis techniques, I will perform a deep level search for any given domain and deliver a list of URLs that link back to it (backlinks), along with their respective page ranks (PR).

This extremely valuable list can form the basis of a robust, Google-safe, strategy that could have your site ranking above your competitors’ within weeks. Most importantly, your strategy can be completely white hat.

With this hourly I will provide:

✓ A list of up to 1000 backlinks for a given domain name.
✓ The PR for each listed URL.

The techniques I employ in this competitor analysis are:

✓ Google safe
✓ 100% White hat

If you’re wondering how powerful this list can be, here is an example:

You may discover that a competitor’s most important backlinks come from forum posts. Here, a good strategy would be to join any such forums and contribute to the community through writing informative posts. In particular, you will find the threads where your competitor has posted and leave your own replies.

Eventually, after ten or so posts, you will become a trusted community member and will be allowed to include your URL in your signature. You now have multiple backlinks in the forum and — most importantly — more than your competitor!

Planning carefully, so that you post over a period of weeks, your site will gain a natural backlink profile. A far better approach than any black hat SEO method!

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