Recommendations on the way to Enhance On Web page search engine marketing Optimization with Screaming Frog and Reply The Public

by    SEO   Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Tips on how to improve on page SEO optimization with Screaming Frog and Answer The Public

A client told me she wasn’t too confident about SEO.

So here’s a way to review your on page optimisation and improve it with 2 free tools.

download Screaming Frog and install it
enter your url and select the html filter

Each page should be about a topic and ranks for multiple related keywords

You should have a consistent topical page

Check the following all contain your ’seed’ keyword topic

Page Title
Page Meta Description
H1 Heading
Body copy
Word Count
Alt Tags

Select the SERP snippet to see what your page looks like in Google

Export All Pages (if your are doing a site audit, not a page audit)

Go to and enter your keyword into the keyword tool and select your country

You will see the monthly search volume and related keywords that may give you some page content improvement ideas

Go to your web page
I write my pages like a book; my page has chapters and sections
Open up a text file and write down the sections of your page

Now go to

Enter your seed keyword and select your country.
Select the data button of the top, questions, prepositions, alphabetical questions

Write down the questions missing from your page
Add these questions at sections in your text file

Now you know the questions and content missing on your page

Now write and add this additional, missing content to your page

Tweak your page title and description to make your page more compelling.

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