Right here's a straightforward backlinking technique to launch your web optimization in 2020

by    Backlinks Services   Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Creating resources is a fantastic link building technique with the aid of creative communication and building relationships that adds value to your brand & SEO value to your website.

Writing high-quality content

“The most successful link building strategy we have employed is an oldie but a goodie. We try to produce really high-quality pieces of content and then put them in front of audiences for which the content would be highly relevant. When the content is not relevant or is only mildly relevant to the publisher, we see a much lower success rate.”

Ryan Patterson

Finding a unique spin on resource page link building

“We find resource pages that apply to our project / URL that we’re trying to build links to. Then we reach out to THOSE sites to see if they would be interested in some mutually beneficial type of linking. It could be a relevant three-way reciprocal, contributing a guest post, etc. The advantage here is that these sites have all shown willingness to link, as well as to pursue link building in their SEO efforts in general. In theory, this makes for a very qualified prospect list as long as they are quality websites and aren’t engaging in anything shady.”

Jared Carrizales

Broken link building

“Finding broken links on sites by using a broken link checker (I use the one on Ahrefs). It’s an opportunity gold mine if used correctly. Search for relevant sites that you could provide great content for. Find that broken link and send an email explaining you came across a broken page. Then attach some high-quality content of your own and suggest that you have a great replacement. If the content is quality, they won’t think twice about it.”

Tim Stoddart

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