search engine marketing Bangla Tutorial – The right way to Optimize Title Tag for Higher Google Rating

by    SEO   Sunday, July 16th, 2017

SEO Bangla Tutorial – How to Optimize Title Tag for Better Google Ranking – Title Tag SEO.

Title tag preview tool:

The title tag is one of the most important on page ranking factor after content. If you optimize your title tag perfectly you can get ranking higher on the search engine like google, yahoo bing.

When you type anything on google search engine in the search engine ranking page you will see some blue text. These texts are title tag.

You can find title tag on top tab of the browser and also find it on the source code of the page and also social media like facebook, google +.

14:46 Title tag optimization tips:

Keep your titles under 60 characters.
Give unique title for every page.
Add your main focusing keywords beginning of your title tags.
Write title tags for both search engine and visitors.
Add your branded terms if you have enough space.
Avoid keyword stuffing.