search engine marketing: Methods to rank & dominate Google high 10 search outcomes and have a number of listings in Google search

by    SEO   Thursday, August 14th, 2014

SEO: How to rank and dominate Google top 10 search results and have multiple listings in Google search.

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In this tutorial I explain how to have multiple listings rank in the Google top 10 search results. I explain how your website can rank in Google, but I don’t stop there. I explain how you can have multiple listings appear in the top-10 results by leveraging large platforms such as Yelp, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Quora, or any other large platform. The key to understanding this strategy is understanding that Google likes to rank sites that are authoritative. When you compare your own website and sites like Amazon and YouTube, there is no question that Amazon and YouTube are orders of magnitude more authoritative than your business site. You must take advantage of the fact that these sites are user generated content websites, and place your listing on them. Once your listing is on your site, whether it is a video on YouTube, or a book or a product on Amazon or eBay, you must try to make your listing on that site rank #1 or close to #1 on that large platform for your listing’s main search terms.

In fact, in most cases, if you create high quality listings for your business or products on other large and authoritative sites, they will outrank your own website.

If the search terms you are targeting are not too competitive, you can easily have multiple listings in the top 10 Google search results, and dominate SEO for the search terms you are targeting.

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