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by    Backlinks Services   Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

SEO training on backlinks.

Google loves backlinks, but not all back links are equal. some are more equal than others…

A lot of people know they need valuable backlinks and above all else they know they need EDU backlinks.. but do you know why?

EDU and gov backlinks are valuable for several reasons. The first reason is EDU and Gov sites are not given to anyone and already carry authority and are only handed out to educational establsihments and government bodies and there are very strict rules for getting one.. you can’t go and buy one on godaddy!

On top of this many have been around for years, given them even more authoirty.

It follows then that getting a backlink from any authoirty site is good for your site, but getting a backlink from EDU sites really is a backlink goldmine. linking to you they are effectively saying you have authority as well, are worh linking to..EDU links are strong links and do not link to sites without value or content.

this is why if you go out and buy seo backlinks they cost so much. Who pays for PR0 zero backlinks? As far as backlinks are concerened quantity is good but quality is even better and if you can get both you are going to see results.

SEO training on backlinks and why edu backlinks are important and how they can help your rankings.