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by    SEO   Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Do you want to rank your keywords on 1st page of Google? Watch this video; Imran Shafi SEO expert is going to share you some exceptional tips for how to Rank Difficult Keywords in Google using SEO techniques. Imran Shafi has tried to summarize some best tips and guides regarding Search Engine Optimization functionality and SEO tips to Rank Keywords in Google. So, watch this video complete and learn about how to rank keywords in Google to get more traffic and more money through your website.

Everyone on the web is exploring how to rank in Google in short time; believe that getting ranked on Google is tricky but not impossible. A little, but sensible effort can give you a good position in Google ranking. Imran Shafi’s search engine optimization video tutorials can teach you about improving Google rankings within a short span of time.

If you want to rank your keywords in Google, then you should aware about some basic SEO ranking techniques. Google prefers Quality not quantity; so if you want good standings in Google then focus more on quality than quantity.

Get a keyword with good matrix, but low SEO difficulty. Do a deep research on your given keyword. Create a high quality content on that particular keyword. Your content should be well researched and unique. Adjust your keyword in the title, first 100 words and headings, but wisely.

Post your content on your website; make proper sense of paragraphs in your post properly. Use HTML headings wisely; there are 6 allowed headings h1-h6. Keep your main heading in h1 and rest respectively.

Create rich graphics such as images and post in that particular post. Rename your image with your keyword and also keep that keyword in all their tags like alt text, caption, image URL and image description.

Find or create a video about your idea (keyword that you are going to rank in Google), and then embed this video in your post. Optimize that video with all the tags and code properly.

Internal linking is also very much important. Link your keyword with relevant and related post on your website properly, then then let the post index. Meanwhile, keep creating high quality backlinks too for that particular post.

With above mentioned SEO ranking tips, you will be able to rank your any keyword in Google within a very short span of time. These on page seo tips can give you a right direction to rank all of your keywords. Furthermore, you can get SEO tips and seo techniques on the skill sets to seo in 2019 and onward. So, don’t worry about how to rank for a keyword 2019, just watch Imran Shafi’s SEO videos and learn about how to rank #1 on google and other search engines.

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