search engine optimisation For Rookies – 5 Easy Steps To Rank #1 On Google In 2019

by    SEO   Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

This is the ultimate SEO for beginners video. If you’re a complete SEO beginner, this video will help you understand the 5 pieces which make up the SEO puzzle.

The 5 pieces that make up search engine optimization are the following:

1. Keyword research

Without keyword research, your SEO campaigns success will be limited. Keyword research helps you uncover the most profitable phrases that your customers are most likely to search for.

2. Technical SEO

Like the name suggests, this piece to the SEO puzzle involves some of the most technical aspects. From website speed to errors on your site. Technical SEO allows you to dig deep and find faults that may be hindering your sites performance at almost a molecular level.

3. On Page SEO

Content is king. If you’ve been around the marketing space for no more than 20 minutes you’ll know that this saying is omnipresent. The reason why this saying is so popular is because it’s true. Content really is king. But unless you know how to structure your content, your on page optimization won’t lead to any first page rankings.

4. Off Page SEO

Link building has always been a big factor in SEO. There’s a direct correlation between how many quality links you have and where you rank on Google.

5. Traffic

Companies who are able to generate traffic outside of Google are the companies who dominate on Google within their industry. Most SEO’s are great at SEO, but they’re not great at generating traffic from the other sources both online and offline. Understanding how to generate traffic from other sources and even the reason why you should will ensure that you’re operating multiple steps ahead of your competition.

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