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by    SEO   Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

SEO Basics to Google rankings SEO for beginners

You will find this video helpful in the SEO Basics to Google rankings. SEO Basics is a quick overview of six easy steps to SEO for local businesses or any local website.

You can read more here at The information is current as of 2017 and will still help you in the future, and it covers the start of on-page SEO.

This video is only an introduction to get you started, and there is much more work that goes into website SEO to reach page one on Google.

To cover SEO Basics, you will need to use some SEO tools and also Google webmasters tools or now called Google console.

The blog post named “6 Easy SEO Tips for Higher Website Rankings” originally posted in August 2016 was updated earlier this year and is still valid.

If you are a local business looking to increase your Google or Bing presence the tips in the video will help get you started. You can get more information on SEO best practices at

The video will not cover how to get backlinks or beat highly competitive markets. However, it will help your website get indexed more easily which then helps search engines read your website and then place your site in the search results.

To fully understand SEO Basics you will need to invest a huge amount of your time to read, watch and make tonnes of notes to learn SEO.

SEO is now at the core of every online content from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn to video and podcasts. SEO Basics in all content from infographics to even Pinterest, how else would these software systems know where to place the information you give.

Keywords are the build blocks of all content; keywords are what people type or speak when searching for an answer or looking for a solution.

Enjoy the video overview and don’t forget you can read more on my blog

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