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by    SEO   Friday, July 31st, 2020

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SEO Split Testing!

SEO split testing is a comparatively new concept in the SEO sector. However, all the big websites with millions of traffic have started embracing it. A few months back Pinterest disclosed two of their SEO split testing results publicly.

In one test, they ran an experiment with the quality of text description of pinned images. The result showed that improving the quality of text description drew more traffic than expected.

So, Pinterest focused on improving the quality of text description which increased their organic traffic around 30% than before.

Another test was related to user experience. Pinterest wanted to render content client side in JavaScript on a selected number of pages to improve their user experience. As soon as they did it, the selected pages were losing their rank rapidly. So, they had to cancel the test.
These two events should give you some idea why SEO split testing is important for any website.

Let’s see 3 easy SEO split test you can run on your website to improve organic traffic.

Test the Title Tag

You should split test several versions of your title tag and see how each one is changing your ranking position or affecting your traffic.

A good title tag could tremendously improve your click-through rate. So, you need to find out the winner title tag via SEO split testing.
A developer community website, grew 57% organic traffic just by split testing their title tag.

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