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by    SEO   Friday, July 4th, 2014

Search Engine Ranking this, Search Engine Ranking that! Are sick of Pitches? You know, the “Guaranteed 1st Page Google Rank” kind of crap that sneaks into your inbox like a rodent.

No one can guarantee first Page Ranking on Google, except Google.

The thing is that this ranking noise has numbed us all. Do you realize that there is a huge divide between those of us who know and, uh… love SEO, and the 99.9% of you who can barely remember that the acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization?

We SEO’ers seem to assume that everyone knows why search engine rank is so important. It may come as a surprise that some people don’t spend all day studying keywords and looking at stats.

Well, maybe not. The point is that some people don’t realize why it’s so important to improve their search engine rank. Even some of top executives that I know in multi-national firms admit to only having a vague idea of what ranking is all about.

You may be surprised, but some of my clients are actually overwhelmed by the tidal wave of tech! The internet has only been around for a couple decades. It’s not like the automobile of TV, and not all of us are in our early 20’s.

So, it isn’t really that surprising that some folks just don’t know that ranking on Google, Youtube and the search engines is based on Keyword(s) Phrases, the all important ‘search query.’

They also don’t realize that the ranking has become a bit like musical chairs, with different features popping up on the results pages, algorithmic updates and ever-changing user interface.

In fact, it isn’t even that straightforward anymore to find out what your rank is. You’ll hear Matt Cutts,Β the Google anti-spam guy, tell you not to think about Ranking… “Think About Conversion.” And he’s not talking about getting religious. No, he’s talking about persuading your visitors to take some sort of action.

Come on, without visitors there’s no one to convert! There’s is a huge shakeup going on in the wild and wholly world of Video Seo, Search Engine Optimization, and the factors that lead to a top ranking are always in flux.

What was suggested by Google Webmaster Guidelines last year, has become outlawed this year. We’ve got to take what they say with a grain of salt and concentrate on the basic. It’s always best to start with the basics anyway and build up from there.

While this may not be a Video Seo Checklist, or the latest Video Seo get rich scheme, it is something that underpins SEO as a whole.

Search has become a sociological phenomenon that touch all of our lives in a significant way. So, the more that you know about how it works, what it means and how you can benefit the better off you’ll be.

So, I hope that enjoy the 1st Episode in this humble mini-series on Search Engine Ranking.

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