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by    SEO   Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

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Today we are going to be talking about Hero SEO, the easy traffic boost. This is one of the easiest things you can do in a few simple steps when starting with a new client or applying this on an existing website.

These steps are going to reward queries that you are after, it is going to reward the money keywords, traffic and sales.

This is what I call the Jenga technique, an easy and more importantly a safe way of getting a 10-15% traffic boost to your website.

For easy, safe and repeatable ways of increasing traffic, we will be following the below techniques.

1. Riding the wave concept: You go to webmaster tools and click on ‘search queries’. Then simply add those relevant queries that webmaster tools has picked up onto your website’s content to rank for those queries. You can see as much as 1-4 position increase for doing little to no work.

The idea is to repeat this process several times throughout your website’s pages in order to acquire a collective increase of different terms. An increased ranking spot by 1 to 4 positions will yield between 0.5% to 15% in traffic per keyword… so you can see how powerful this easy to implement technique really is.

My formula & process for increasing the best keyword:

1. Go to ‘search queries’ on Webmaster Tools.
2. Sort by 250 rows
3. Sort by CTR

Your best keywords are going to be between 2% and 18% CTR. However, If you do not want to go by CTR, then I will show you an example of taking it one step further and simply pulling out the data from raw positions between 4 and 13. Getting your page from the second page of Google to the first can reap many rewards.

For an in action example of how to do this, then continue watching this video.

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