So I Purchased Area of interest Edits On Fiverr… – Fiverr Backlinks Assessment/search engine marketing Assessment!

by    Backlinks Services   Friday, January 22nd, 2021

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00:00 – Intro
01:43 – Fiverr Backlink Gig 1
03:37 – Niche Edit Specific Quality Check
06:09 – Backlink Quality Checks For Gig 1
10:04 – Fiverr Backlink Gig 2
12:13 – Backlink Quality Checks For Gig 2
14:42 – Outro

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Fiverr Backlink Review – Niche Edit Links

In this video, I go over my review of two backlink gigs from Fiverr that offer niche edits (sometimes called link inserts) to show the type of backlink quality checks that I would put links through for my real blogs. Although backlinks from Fiverr do rightfully have a bad reputation amongst the blogging and search engine optimization communities, you may be able to find the off gig that offers real links on real domains.

I just want to quickly say that I don’t order these Fiverr SEO services for my live affiliate blogs, I use them as example links for YouTube videos. This gives me quick and easy content while also showing the type of checks that I do for my backlinks.

As you would expect due to their low price, the backlinks available on Fiverr are often very low quality and a scam made up of a private blog network domain or a repurposed link farm domain. In my opinion, since the Google Fred update, this type of backlink is useless for SEO and blogging and offers minimal value to help improve your keywords rankings.

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