Social Monkee Evaluation: Find out how to Use Social Monkee and Get High quality Backlinks

by    Backlinks Services   Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

As we all know, Social Bookmarking is considered as one of the most important link building methods to get your website indexed, drive more targeted traffic to your website and to promote your products and services to users. There are a lot of Social Bookmarking sites that are currently operating on the Internet including Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon and more. If you are going to submit your website URL to social bookmarking sites, you will spend a lot of time every day in doing it. You can guarantee results by doing social bookmarking submission for your website, but what if there is a program that will automate this task? This is where Social Monkee comes to play.

What is Social Monkee?

Social Monkee is known as a link building service that allows you to create unique and do-follow backlinks to your website on a daily basis without the need to spend a lot of time. This kind of program is a like an automated link submission that will guarantee that your target URL will be sent and posted on social bookmarking sites. Social Monkee will be the one to do the submission for you over a period of time.

How does Social Monkee works?

Based on a Social Monkee review, once you submit a URL to program, it will submit the link to a number of social bookmarking sites over a period of time. The social bookmarking sites have their own domain name and a C-Class IP address. Once the submission of the URL is completed, you can go to the “Reports” tab to check the link to the report. You can view the posted link of Social Monkee to the social bookmarking sites.

Why would you Use Social Monkee?

This is one of the questions of marketers around the globe because they think that spending a couple of hours in social bookmarking is not a big deal. If you are not yet a hardcore Internet marketer, spending 3 to 4 hours of social bookmarking on a single site will not be a big problem. However, when you start handling different websites, and you are doing constant link building methods for each of the site, you will start thinking about the 3 to 4 hours that you spend on social bookmarking. Social Monkee review stated that you do not have to spend a lot of hours daily just to make sure that your URL is sent to social bookmarking sites. You can allot other tasks on that time frame instead of spending it on social bookmarking. Social Monkee will do the job for you.

How to Start Working with Social Monkee?

Basically, you have to pay 7 dollars for a lifetime Silver membership in Social Monkee. For only 7 dollars, you can get 25 backlinks to a single URL every day. It means that you can get 750 backlinks in a month without paying for anything after that. If you want to increase the number of backlinks to your website, all you need to do is to upgrade your membership and get more benefits.

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