Solely 5 Google Rating Elements और आपकी वेबसाइट होगी टॉप पर | Trendy Actionable search engine marketing Steps by Harshit

by    SEO   Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

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Harshit KZ, the SEO MASTER, elaborate the latest SEO Key points where you need to focus in 2019 and 2020. The SEO climate is changing and most of old SEO strategies ain’t working anymore. With research and lots of dedicated experience of Harshit KZ in SEO profession He uncovers the 5 most important Google Ranking Factors where Google pays most of attention to Rank websites and blogs. Some of the factors explained in this video also applicable on YouTube SEO.

After Watching this Video:
1. You’ll primarily aware of what are main Google Ranking Factors.
2. Rank your blog or business website on specific keywords under the lowest timeframe.
3. You’ll get better engagement and attention of your customers on your online business platform.

In this video Harshit SIR explains:
1. Content Quality and Proper Quantity: He gives actionable steps to quickly improve your contents quality and quantity on your blog or website.
2. Avg Page Duration and Bounce Rate: Instant steps are given in this tutorial to quickly increase Avg. Page Duration and dramatically reduce your Bounce Rate. This will significantly help you increase your ranking.
3. Backlinks: He explains the importance of Backlinks and its roles to increase your website or blog ranking. He also provides you steps to quickly develop natural backlinks.
4. Keywords: In this SEO tutorial Harshit KZ helps you understand the fundamentals of Keywords and its various types and how they plays crucial role establishing your rank in particular Keywords.
5. Domain Authority (DA): What’s DA and how you can conquer this ranking element is expressed in this Video.

Harshit KZ also express How Google algorithm works for ranking web pages in the search results.

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