Speedy Hearth #2: Black Hat search engine marketing Examples; Extraordinary Google Rating Components

by    SEO   Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

If you have missed the part one of this Rapid Fire, please watch it here –

Bala Ayya fires away questions at Sameer Panjwani on SEO and covers interesting topics on various aspects of SEO.

Rapid Fire Questions
0:22 – What kind of SEO Practioner are you? Black Hat, Grey Hat or White Hat?
0:36 – Give an Example of Grey Hat SEO
1:00 – Give an example of Black Hat SEO
1:32 – Do you think Google should display Page Rank again?
2:37- What is important? Backlink or Content?
3:15 – Is there any ranking factor Google considers and many people don’t talk about?
5:00 – What is the one skill a Marketer must have?
5:50 – What is that one skill you think that you should improve upon

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