Step by Step: How one can Increase a YouTube Video for extra Views with Paid Advertisements Tutorial – two choices

by    SEO   Monday, October 28th, 2019

Ever wanted to boost a YouTube Video to get more views, similar to boosting a Facebook Post? This video takes you step by step through TWO ways to boost a YouTube video to an audience. The basic one is fine if you do not have a granular audience or have a standard audience e.g. gamers or people who attend sporting events. Option Two lets you use your Google Ads saved audiences and choose specific job titles etc to see your YouTube Video. More control! More information:

1. Go to your Studio, choose your YouTube video in Uploads
2. On the right of that Video choose OPTIONS then PROMOTE from the dropdown
3. Edit the Description/Preview of the Ad
4. Choose a target location
5. Choose a simple audience (watch video for more targeted audiences, use Advanced Campaign Manager)
6. Set your Budget

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