Steps to search engine optimization success – Step 9: Tweak your web site to spice up Google rating

by    SEO   Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Knowing how to tweak website is necessary for you boost your website on search engine and help increase sales. This video will show you how tweak your website effectively.

Step 9: Tweak your website to boost Google ranking

Four components to be aware of to include in your website..0:00:20 – 0:00:30

1. Important Pages
2. Social Buttons
3. Copyright information
4. Google Analytics

Detail on some important website components

1.Important Pages: 0:00:31 -0:02:26

– Five really important pages you need to include in your website are: Contact Us, Anti-Spam Policy, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and About Us.

– Instructions on how to include important pages in your website…

2. Social Buttons: Guide on how to add social buttons in the website…0:02:27 – 0:02:53

– Go back to simple options, and here we will add the social URLS and give it a cool and awesome look.

3. Copyright information: instruction on how to insert copyright information into the page 0:02:53 – 0:03:09

4. Google Analytics: step by step instruction on using Google Analytics to track website traffics… 0:03:10 – 0:04:49

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