Suggestions To Enhance Web page Rank – Prime 5 Methods To Maintain You Forward Of Your Competitors

by    SEO   Sunday, March 30th, 2014
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Writing your content is very exciting, challenging and rewarding.
I takes a lot of effort and time just to get your point across. I spend about a couple of hours or more on writing epic contents.

00:26 – tip #1
01:20 – tip #2
02:05 – tip #3
02:57 – tip #4
04:10 – tip #5

This always includes my keyword research and SEO setup and by the time I finish all of these I am tired.

But did you know that doing these 5 simple steps will give you the traffic and leads you really want and need.

If your content is epic and no one is watching or reading it then it was all in vain.

The second part of your blog entry is what we all know and love, network and marketing.

You need to use social signals and eye candies in order to have the unfair advantage in this business.

The first tip is creating a headline that is pleasing to the eyes of your readers and not solely creating one for SEO purposes. We all want to please Google and but with the current trend of mobile users and facebook users, your content has a greater chance of going viral with a title that really makes people click and engaged.

Ultimately our mission is to get our helpful epic contents to our audiences.

The second tip is selling your story. Stories not only relates to people but it also keeps them engaged and inspired to follow your success, avoid your mistakes, and be inspired of your teachings.

The third tip is researching your page rankings within your analytics tool or hosting site. If you know that one of your page or posts are getting plenty of traffic, you must capitalize on that and include your optin form to acquire their email for list and relationship building

The fourth tip isolating your hyperlinks. If you have a link that you want to promote especially if its a link to your internal site that you may have lots of affiliate links that you can make commission on, having a hyperlink that has its own line like a paragraph on its own will make it easier for your audiences to follow your link.

Another point is that the growing mobile users who uses the internet may have trouble clicking your site if you have your hyperlinks to close to other links.

Final tip is creating an epic image with your epic content. Pretty straight forward since images to your blog increases engagement and focus.

You can use plenty of free editing software tools like nand to make your customized images

These five quick tips will make you finish strong to the finish line like Popeye eating his spinach.