#TechKnow How can I enhance my web site web optimization rank on Google?

by    SEO   Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Here are the top 5 suggestions:

1. Define your SEO objectives? – Traffic, Lead Generation, Branding

2. Based on the objective – choose the right keywords to focus.

3. Build engaging content on your website around those keywords. Remember – engaging is the keyword. Don’t stuff keywords in your content, write naturally to engage the visitor and get him to click on other tabs, pages or calls to action.

4. Make sure you have Google Console and Google Analytics or other web tracking utility set up on your website. This will tell you how Google is looking at your site (Console) and how users are looking at your site (Analytics)

5. Keep enhancing your content, refine keywords, use paid marketing wherever needed to deliver on your business objectives.

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