TechSEO Enhance Stay Stream, the Technical search engine marketing Convention

by    SEO   Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The industry’s first technical SEO conference.

01:01:24 Welcome
01:05:42 Keynote: Russ Jones, Moz – “The State of Technical SEO”
01:29:24 Paul Shapiro, Catalyst – “Working Smarter: SEO Automation to Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness”
02:10:05 Max Prin, Merkle – “SEO Best Practices For JavaScript Based Websites”
02:41:44 JR Oakes, Adapt Partners – “Fun with Machines. How Machine Learning is Shaping Google and Technical SEO”
03:09:32 Patrick Stox, IBM – “Everything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong”
03:37:19 Joe Esposito, Rio SEO – “Enhancing Your Local Presence With and Without Physical Locations”
04:49:58 Brian Ta & Gil Birman, Airbnb – “AMPing Airbnb”
05:18:58 Ruth Burr Reedy & Mike Arnesen, Upbuild – “Implementing and Tracking Semantic Markup with Google Tag Manager”
05:53:14 Andrew Ruegger, Catalyst; Gil Birman, Airbnb; Derek Perkins & Tanner Linsley, Nozzle; Mike Atwood, Wayfair – “Technical Tips & Success Strategies from Engineers”
06:38:48 Sam Marsden, DeepCrawl – “Your Search Universe: Links, Log Files, GSC, and Everything in Between”
06:56:24 Keynote: Patrick Meenan, Google/WebPageTest – “Making the Web Fast”

Individual Session Videos: