The best way to edit your textual content for readability | search engine marketing copywriting

by    SEO   Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

This video about editing your text for readability is part of the online SEO Copywriting training by Yoast SEO academy. Learn more about how to write great content that ranks in the search results – The course includes reading materials and quizzes.

► About this video
In this video, Jesse talks about auditing your text for words and sentences that make it more difficult to read. The rule of thumb? The longer the word, sentence or paragraph, the more difficult it is to read. And why use difficult words when simpler ones are available so often? Visitors are more likely to read a whole article that’s easier to read, than one that takes more energy to understand.

Watch the video to learn how to write readable texts!

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► Items discussed in this video
0:00 – Introduction
0:21 – Using simple words
1:49 – Simplifying your sentences
3:28 – Avoiding writing fragments
4:34 – Conclusion

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If your web text is well-written and optimized for your visitors and search engines, you’re more likely to rank higher in Google! With the SEO copywriting training you will learn how to do that.

After this training….
– Your texts will be a breeze to read. Your audience reaches the end of every page without any effort!
– You’ll write faster and rank higher because you know how to prepare before writing. You’ll stop trusting your gut feeling in structuring your text.
– You’ll know more about picking the right keywords and topics that people are looking for. You’ll know what to write about to attract more readers.

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