The best way to Enhance your website rankings with these 2 easy steps 😊

by    SEO   Thursday, May 28th, 2020

In todays episode we’re going to teach you how to Avoid Pogosticking

Pogosticking can make or break your Google rankings so what is pogosticking exactly? It’s when a Google user clicks on your site and then almost immediately leaves.

They quite literally pogostick back to the search results to find something that actually helps them.

Now you don’t want this to happen to you so if it is go in and change something about that page!

Needless to say: if your site doesn’t make users happy, Google will downrank you.

The question is:

How do you keep users on your site longer?

You need to do one of two things. Either your content is too hard to read or your page doesn’t meet the search intent.

When your content is easy to read, people will spend more time on your site. It’s that simple

(It also stops them from hitting their “back” button)

As it turns out, bullet points and subheadings make your content much easier to read so consider changing to this format or shorter paragraphs if you can.

Now lets touch on search intent because it’s so important.

For example if I search for easy cookie recipe and the top result gives me a cookie recipe that requires 10 ingredients I’m going to pogo stick!

I’m hungry now so I need something that I can make quickly.

Take a look under the hood of your website by checking blog posts in GA. Is anybody bouncing away almost immediately because if they are then either your contents hard to read or your search intent isn’t quite matching up.

If you’ve already got a blog post that’s not ranking and it meets this criteria then maybe it’s lacking in authority (backlinks) which is a whole other topic we’ll touch on another day.

I hope you enjoyed todays episode, if there’s anything you’d like to see me cover feel free to reply to this email and we’ll see what we can do