the best way to get dofollow backlink from tumblr

by    Backlinks Services   Monday, April 10th, 2017

in this video, i will show you, how to get do follow backlink from tumblr. 2020 share this video

first, open your tumblr account.
if you don’t have, create one it’s free.

click on your profile option.then,
choose your blog where, you want create backlink.or click on new to make new blog and create backlink.

type your blog name.
type your url name.
fill out other details, and click on create blog.

click on edit appearance

click on edit theme

here, in the description section. you can create keyword do follow backlink.
please type minimum 200 word description. and then put your text link.

this is text link format

all you have to do is replace your website url and keyword text and the paste it in your description.

here type your text

here type you website link

now copy this whole text link format and paste it in your tumblr blog description.

now,you get dofollow keyword backlink from tumblr.

click on save.

now i will show you this is dofollow backlink or not.

so,i am going to turn on moz tool bar to know do follow backlink for this page.

you can see this link is do follow.

thank you for watching.

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