The best way to Verify the search engine optimisation of Your Web site (Plus a Useful search engine optimisation Evaluation Software)

by    SEO   Monday, May 11th, 2020

If you want to learn how to check SEO of your (or any!) website, you’ve come to the right video.

Jess from the WebFX Marketing team will tell you all about a very handy SEO checker from WebFX that will help you do an SEO analysis of your site.

She’ll also go over a few tips for improving your site’s SEO once you’ve figured out the areas that could use some SEO help.

Regularly analyzing your site’s SEO can give you the information you need to update your website so it stands out in search engines. This makes it SUPER important to know how to check SEO and what you can do with the information youtube from your SEO analysis.

Follow along by using our SEO checker tool:

In this video:
00:00:00 // Introduction to how to check SEO
00:00:35 // What is SEO?
00:00:54 // What are the different types of SEO?
00:01:24 // How to check the SEO of a website
00:01:29 // Using the WebFX SEO Checker
00:02:34 // What to do after using the SEO Checker
00:02:51 // Track your site’s SEO keyword rankings
00:03:46 // Look at your site’s backlink profile

Ahrefs paid tool:
Ahrefs free backlink checker:
Moz backlink tool:

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