The Distinction Between Rating on Google vs YouTube | Neil Patel

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The Distinction Between Rating on Google vs YouTube | Neil Patel


In today’s video I’m going to share with you the difference on ranking on Google and YouTube. Did you know that you can rank both on Google and YouTube and get double the amount of search traffic? It’s not always doubled, but it’s a lot more search traffic than you’re getting right now. Learn about 5 differences between ranking on Google and YouTube to increase your search traffic.


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The first difference for you is Google SEO takes a lot longer than YouTube SEO. Did you know on YouTube SEO, that if you’re gonna rank you typically rank in the first 24 to 48 hours? And which when a video does extremely well in the first day on YouTube, it does well for the life of the video. On Google, on the other hand, if you create a web page or you create a brand new website, and you optimize it, you’re not gonna get ranking on day one. You’re lucky if you get rankings in the first three to six months, it typically takes over a year before you see results. So the big difference is YouTube, first 24 hours determines how the video is going to do in the long run. With Google, what happens in the first year determines how its going to do in the long run.

The second difference I have for you is authority. How many of you actually knew that both YouTube and Google look at authority? If you knew that, just leave a comment below with yes. But there’s a difference. With Google, the more authoritative your site is the more you rank for everything. YouTube is very similar, but the difference is your authority in YouTube fluctuates month-over-month. With Google, if you build links, you’ll continually keep climbing in authority. Doesn’t always mean you’re gonna get more search traffic, it just means over time, year-over-year, you should in theory do better. With YouTube, one month you could have amazing authority and just crush it, but the next month if you release seven videos and they’re all duds and no one likes em, your authority drastically tanks and all your videos don’t do as well, compared to what they were performing before. So with YouTube, you have to continually fight and keep that authority and redoing everything, in which you have to keep creating new amazing content, you have to keep creating amazing engagement, without that your authority just keeps dying. But with Google, it keeps going up as you build more links. The third difference is Google and YouTube look at two totally different factors to really determine rankings. Google looks at links. The more websites that link to your website, the better off you’re gonna do. If you don’t know how to build links, the first thing you wanna do is go find all the people that link to your competitors and ask em to link to you. You can use ahrefs. They have a tool, or technically ahrefs is a tool but they have a feature, more-or-so within ahrefs, called Link Intersect. You can put in your top three competitors and your domain, and it’ll show you all the people that link to your top three competitors that don’t link to you. This is important because if you reach out to a site that only links to one of your hundred competitors, it’s really hard to convince em to link to you. But if you find a site that links to three of your major competitors, you know at that point that they’re open to linking to you as well. So you wanna reach out to all of the people that link to your competitors….

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